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Hormel Center Cut Pork Loin $21.99
Fresh Ground Hamburger 73% 10lb Roll $21.99

5 lb. Boneless / skinless chicken breast

Only $ 12.99

Individual quick frozen , local supplier, delivered 2 times per week. 

40 count Beef Qtr. lb. Burger Box

Only $34.99

Perfect for parties or just to pull how many you need out of the freezer, these pre-formed paties are perfect for any occassion. 100% all beef paties cook up to make the prefect burger everytime, on the grill, in the oven or in the skillet. A great all beef patty any way you choose to make it.

Local delivered Beef Ribeye $6.99 per lb

Everyday we offer, local Beef Ribeye for only $6.99 per lb. These are NOT economy cut Ribeyes, this is  Beef sold at our lower prices do to our reduced overhead.

YOU ARE THE WINNER WHEN PURCHASING THESE PRIME RIBEYE SELECTIONS AT BARGAIN PRICES. Delivered fresh 3 times per week, only you and your wallet know this premium steak was purchased at a bargain price.


Betty Crocker Cake MIxes

Only 79 cents    EVERYDAY!

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